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Fulfilling exceptional leadership roles is our core business. Working together we offer both clients and candidates the benefits of our extensive network, our experienced search consultants and our well established results-driven process. Today our team would be delighted to work with you.


Executive Search and Selection
Executive Search

Executive recruiting is the  corner stone  of our business, operating under our four key principles of success; Trust, Integrity, Partnership and Results, we align the brief with our comprehensive candidate network.


Our highly experienced consultants invest time to understand the detail of the brief combining  informed research, an extensive network and reach to identify, attract and recruit the best possible executive talent for our clients.


Our approach is personal, we develop long and lasting relationships with our clients and we get results.

Advertised Selection

Dalríada is a leading proponent of Advertised Selection.


Combining the best mix of on and off-line options, a well crafted  media campaign maximises exposure to the right audience ensuring that qualified candidates, who may not be identified as part of an Executive Search, are alerted to the opportunity.


Dalríada has an unparalleled track record in the successful completion of many high profile Advertised Assignments for both domestic and international clients.

Interim Management

Engaging an Interim Manager  is an efficient and cost effective solution to bridge short-term management gaps with experienced senior management talent.


The interim management model can be used to address a variety of scenarios including:

    • Organisational change
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • New projects and initiatives
    • Validation of newly defined roles
  • Unexpected management gaps
  • Planned Secondment
  • Maternity leave

We carefully select candidates who have a specific combination of experience, talents and soft skills to make an immediate and lasting impact in your organisation. All primary business functions are covered including Human Resources, Finance, Operations, General Management, I.T., Sales & Marketing, etc.

Non-Executive Directors

A robust corporate governance framework is essential to every organisation and is formed at board level. 


Non-Executive Directors bring impartiality and can strengthen a board by offering independent expert counsel and advice. Because they are not heavily involved in the day-to-day running of the company, Non-Executive Directors can see issues in their totality and bring a fresh, diverse and external perspective to board discussions and decision-making, and in doing so create a strong and diverse board.


Dalríada will work with you to identify and appoint Non-Executive Directors with the experience and specialist skills required to add value to your board.


Jean Quinn DW, Joint Chief Executive Officer

quotes quotes

I have had long experience of interviewing the Voluntary, Corporate and Religious Sector; however with the focused, experienced, professional support at Dalríada I don't think we would have been as successful without the help of your organisation.

Kevin Baird, CEO

quotes quotes

I particularly appreciated the emphasis you placed on the 'fit' a candidate might have with the role and especially with the Trust and our ongoing expansion.

Gerry Mc Manus, Vice Chair

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I have seldom encountered such a personal and individual approach to the selection process and I would strongly recommend both you and Dalríada Executive Search and Selection to any prospective employer seeking executive talent.

Sean Delmar, President

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I have to say that after your initial meeting with the Board we were very confident that you would deliver the right candidate, and this you have done. The whole process was handled by you in a very professional manner and your guidance and support from start to finish was invaluable.

Colm Molloy, HR Manager

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You took the time to learn about our business and used this knowledge to position discussions with potential candidates. From the outset you consistently provided regular updates throughout the search process. We were impressed with your tenacity and professionalism as you left few stones unturned to uncover, attract, and recruit the best possible executive talent.

Michael O'Halloran, Chief Executive Officer

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Even though I have had long experience of interviewing and the selection process as a member of interview panels, without the help of your organisation I feel we would not have been able to manage the process as well as we did, to ensure that it was open and transparent and that anything that needed to be done was done.

Kevin Baird, CEO

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Your involvement definitely resulted in the recruitment exercise attracting a stronger field of applicants and ultimately an excellent candidate for this key role.

Jean Quinn DW, Joint Chief Executive Officer

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We were very impressed with the detail of your work in the whole recruitment process. We were particularly impressed at how quickly you got the Ethos of Sophia and how that could be matched with the recruitment of a suitable candidate.

Colm Molloy, HR Manager

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We have been impressed with how proactive and disciplined both you and the team at Dalríada have been in the preparation and execution of the briefs we agreed.

Gerry Mc Manus, Vice Chair

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Your open, honest style and down to earth attitude has provided the Governing Body with support in the design & administration of a search & selection programme which complied with our own specific selection policies & procedures. Your support & advice was invaluable throughout the entire process and you provided a high level of communication through all stages of the process.

we guarantee strict confidentiality

Dalríada undertakes all engagements with clients and candidates under a strict code of absolute confidentiality. No client or candidate information will be shared with any third party without securing prior consent. For further information see our privacy policy.

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